Pubblicazioni Scientifiche

Pubblicazioni scientifiche
The Cerebellum Gets Social: Evidence from an Exploratory Study of Cerebellar, Neurodevelopmental, and Psychiatric Disorders
G Olivito, L Siciliano, S Clausi, M Lupo, R Baiocco, A Gragnani, …
2023 – Biomedicines
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Modulating mental state recognition by anodal tDCS over the cerebellum
S Clausi, M Lupo, G Funghi, A Mammone, M Leggio
Cerebellum and mental state recognition: a transcranial direct current stimulation study in healthy subjects
S Clausi, M Lupo, G Funghi, A Mammone, M Leggio
2022 – Pre Print
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Cerebellum and emotion in social behavior
S Clausi, L Siciliano, G Olivito, M Leggio
2022 – The Emotional Cerebellum
The cerebellum is linked to theory of mind alterations in autism. A direct clinical and MRI comparison between individuals with autism and cerebellar neurodegenerative pathologies
S Clausi, G Olivito, L Siciliano, M Lupo, F Laghi, R Baiocco, M Leggio
2021 – Autism Research
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The neurobiological underpinning of the social cognition impairments in patients with spinocerebellar ataxia type 2
S Clausi, G Olivito, L Siciliano, M Lupo, M Bozzali, M Masciullo, …
2021 – Cortex
Does the cerebellar sequential theory explain spoken language impairments? A literature review
M Lupo, G Olivito, L Angelini, G Funghi, F Pignatelli, L Siciliano, M Leggio, S.Clausi
2021 – Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics
Consensus paper: cerebellum and social cognition
F Van Overwalle, M Manto, Z Cattaneo, S Clausi, C Ferrari, JDE Gabrieli, …
2020 – The Cerebellum
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Functional changes of mentalizing network in SCA2 patients: novel insights into understanding the social cerebellum
G Olivito, L Siciliano, S Clausi, M Lupo, S Romano, M Masciullo, …
2020 – The Cerebellum
Cerebello-cortical alterations linked to cognitive and social problems in patients with spastic paraplegia type 7: a preliminary study
M Lupo, G Olivito, S Clausi, L Siciliano, V Riso, M Bozzali, FM Santorelli, …
2020 – Frontiers in neurology
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Implicit vs. explicit emotion processing in autism spectrum disorders: An opinion on the role of the cerebellum
L Siciliano, S Clausi
2020 – Frontiers in psychology
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The cerebellum: A therapeutic target in treating speech and language disorders
M Leggio, G Olivito, M Lupo, S Clausi
2020 – Translational Neuroscience of Speech and Language Disorders
Depression disorder in patients with cerebellar damage: Awareness of the mood state.
S Clausi, M Lupo, G Olivito, L Siciliano, MP Contento, F Aloise, …
2019 – Journal of affective disorders
The cerebellar predictions for social interactions: theory of mind abilities in patients with degenerative cerebellar atrophy
S Clausi, G Olivito, M Lupo, L Siciliano, M Bozzali, M Leggio
2019 – Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience
The cerebellar topography of attention sub-components in spinocerebellar ataxia type 2
M Lupo, G Olivito, C Iacobacci, S Clausi, S Romano, M Masciullo, …
2018 – Cortex
Structural cerebellar correlates of cognitive functions in spinocerebellar ataxia type 2
G Olivito, M Lupo, C Iacobacci, S Clausi, S Romano, M Masciullo, …
2018 – Journal of Neurology
Lobular patterns of cerebellar resting‐state connectivity in adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder
G Olivito, M Lupo, F Laghi, S Clausi, R Baiocco, M Cercignani, M Bozzali, …
2018 – European Journal of Neuroscience
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Microstructural MRI basis of the cognitive functions in patients with spinocerebellar ataxia type 2
G Olivito, M Lupo, C Iacobacci, S Clausi, S Romano, M Masciullo, …
2017 – Neuroscience
Atrophic degeneration of cerebellum impairs both the reactive and the proactive control of movement in the stop signal paradigm
G Olivito, E Brunamonti, S Clausi, P Pani, FR Chiricozzi, M Giamundo, …
2017 – Experimental Brain Research
Transcranial cerebellar direct current stimulation: Effects on brain resting state oscillatory and network activity
M Petti, L Astolfi, M Masciullo, S Clausi, F Pichiorri, F Cincotti, D Mattia, …
201739th Annual International Conference of the IEEE
Bilateral effects of unilateral cerebellar lesions as detected by voxel based morphometry and diffusion imaging
G Olivito, M Dayan, V Battistoni, S Clausi, M Cercignani, M Molinari, …
2017 – PLoS One
Does the cerebellum contribute to human navigation by processing sequential information?
AM Tedesco, F Bianchini, L Piccardi, S Clausi, A Berthoz, M Molinari, …
2017 – Neuropsychology
The role of the cerebellum in unconscious and conscious processing of emotions: a review
S Clausi, C Iacobacci, M Lupo, G Olivito, M Molinari, M Leggio
2017 – Applied Sciences
Interhemispheric connectivity characterizes cortical reorganization in motor-related networks after cerebellar lesions
F De Vico Fallani, S Clausi, M Leggio, M Chavez, M Valencia, …
2017 – The Cerebellum
Resting-state functional connectivity changes between dentate nucleus and cortical social brain regions in autism spectrum disorders
G Olivito, S Clausi, F Laghi, AM Tedesco, R Baiocco, C Mastropasqua, …
2017 – The Cerebellum
Neural substrates of motor and cognitive dysfunctions in SCA2 patients: a network based statistics analysis
G Olivito, M Cercignani, M Lupo, C Iacobacci, S Clausi, S Romano, …
2017 – NeuroImage
Inability to process negative emotions in cerebellar damage: a functional transcranial doppler sonographic study
M Lupo, E Troisi, FR Chiricozzi, S Clausi, M Molinari, M Leggio
2015 – The Cerebellum
Cerebellar damage impairs the self-rating of regret feeling in a gambling task
S Clausi, G Coricelli, I Pisotta, EF Pavone, M Lauriola, M Molinari, …
2015 – Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience
Monitoring mood states in everyday life: A new device for patients with cerebellar ataxia
S Clausi, F Aloise, MP Contento, L Pizzamiglio, M Molinari, M Leggio
2014 – Psychiatry research
Cerebellar damage impairs executive control and monitoring of movement generation
E Brunamonti, FR Chiricozzi, S Clausi, G Olivito, MA Giusti, M Molinari, …
2014 – PloS one
Oculomotor deficits affect neuropsychological performance in oculomotor apraxia type 2
S Clausi, M De Luca, FR Chiricozzi, AM Tedesco, C Casali, M Molinari, …
2013 – Cortex
The cerebellar cognitive profile
AM Tedesco, FR Chiricozzi, S Clausi, M Lupo, M Molinari, MG Leggio
2011 – Brain
The neuropsychological profile of cerebellar damage: The sequencing hypothesis.
MG Leggio, FR Chiricozzi, S Clausi, AM Tedesco, M Molinari
2011 – Cortex
Quantification of gray matter changes in the cerebral cortex after isolated cerebellar damage: a voxel-based morphometry study
S Clausi, M Bozzali, MG Leggio, M Di Paola, GE Hagberg, C Caltagirone, …
2009 – Neuroscience
Cerebellum and detection of sequences, from perception to cognition
M Molinari, FR Chiricozzi, S Clausi, AM Tedesco, M De Lisa, MG Leggio
2008 – The Cerebellum
Phonological short-term store impairment after cerebellar lesion: a single case study
FR Chiricozzi, S Clausi, M Molinari, MG Leggio
2008 – Neuropsychologia
Cognitive sequencing impairment in patients with focal or atrophic cerebellar damage
MG Leggio, AM Tedesco, FR Chiricozzi, S Clausi, A Orsini, M Molinari
2008 – Brain
Functional connectivity changes of Dentate Nucleus in Autism Spectrum Disorders: a resting-state fMRI study.
G Olivito, M Leggio, F Laghi, R Baiocco, AM Tedesco, S Clausi, …
Altered Resting state functional connectivity of dentate nucleus in Autism Spectrum Disorders.
G Olivito, M Leggio, F Laghi, R Baiocco, AM Tedesco, S Clausi, …
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